Klockon 2023 – how was it?

It was an EVENT! Why do I write it with a capital letter? Because the scale of the event exceeded the expectations of the organizers, and the number of visitors reached more than 5,000 people! From 30.09 – 1.10.2023, the biggest event for BLOCKI fans took place in Bedzin. We presented a cross-section of the BLOCKI brand product series and encouraged event guests to assemble our sets, and the youngest had their own permanent MUBI play zone with blocks for children 2+.

Blocki i Klockon loga na tle stoiska BLOCKI

During Klockon, visitors of the event could participate in numerous contests held on behalf of both organizers and sponsors. On the first day, moments after the opening of the gates, the search for stands began, where it was possible to get the organizer’s stamp on a special coupon, as well as stands where sachets for arranging the BLOCKI logo were distributed. These two games were perfectly in keeping with the nature of the event and allowed participants to get to know all the exhibitors.

Ojciec z synem układają logo BLOCKI podczas Klockonu


BLOCKI contests

BLOCKI brand contest consisted of collecting 4 sachets of blocks and arranging BLOCKI logo from them, as a prize you could get a small set of BLOCKI of your choice. Parents with children participated in the contest and whole families arranged our logo near the BLOCKI stand.

Mama z synem układa logo BLOCKI podczas konkursu.


In addition, at our stand, participants had the opportunity to tackle something much more difficult – mapping the drive train, just looking at the model set. In reward, they had the opportunity to pick up a much better set of blocks worth about 100 PLN.


MUBI zone for parents with children

Throughout the event, in a specially prepared MUBI zone, parents could relax on deck chairs while their kids played with blocks and built tracks for trains and other vehicles.

Stoisko BLOCKI podczas wydarzenia Klockon

Influencers at Klockon

The event featured influencers well-known in the world of Klockon, including Brodaty Geek, Ciocia od klocków, Klockowizja, Bas Tajpan, Rafal Zub and other great guests. The organizers created special zones where it was possible to talk to the influencers, take a photo or face them in a game on a PlayStation console.

Dziecko bawiące się w strefie MUBI

Klockon – see you next year!

During the event, we received positive feedback from visitors about the quality and availability of our BLOCKI and MUBI brands. We also provided the children with our sets from the showcases, so they could choose for themselves which series and set they liked. In addition, we spread the blocks loosely on the table so that the children could let their imagination run wild. It was a great family event, which was largely attended at our booth – for which we thank you!

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