Unboxing! Blocki MyPolice review by BloxxStar!

We have someting special for German-speaking BLOCKI Blocks fans – a BLOCKI MyPolice review by BloxxStar!

BloxxStar YouTube

BLOCKI Blocks YouTube revies are very popular in Poland. You can watch videos from AdamTV, Misia i Ja and Brodaty Geek (Polish Lego Masters Jury member!). But as BLOCKI gain popularity not only in Poland, also foreign youtubers make super reviews. BloxxStar is a very popular YouTube channel in Germany that focuses on bricks tests and reviews. So don’t miss the Blocki MyPolice Blocks review!


Blocki MyPolice series is one of most popular Blocki Classics collections. It’s a perfect option for police cars and accessories. You can chase villains, patrol the city, make the most amazing and thrilling police actions. You can choose from many different sets and create your own great central police headquaters!


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