BLOCKI – OFFROAD Collection – On the rally podium KB0413


Team Extreme is getting into the action!

Offroad, which means racing through the wilderness, is the theme of the new sets in the Offroad Collection series. Amazing adventure,
unusual excitement and traps hidden in the sand – all this awaits the heroes of offroad racing. But danger is their middle name, they are characterized by focus and courage – this is the only way to win races in the wilderness!

And the race was won…

James is a journalist who covers some of the world’s best off-road races, such as the DAKAR and the BAJA1000. He is just filming the final stage of the struggle in the desert terrain and is watching the end of the rally with bated breath.

Carlos was the first to reach the finish line of the race, positioning himself on a special podium for the winner. Thunderous applause, flashbulbs and the presentation of the trophy, followed by a live interview between Carlos and James after the ceremony. This is another victory this year, making him take the lead in the overall ranking!

The set includes:

  • Offroad vehicle
  • Podium
  • Two characters (James and Carlos)
  • TV camera
Content126 Number of bricks
Number of figurines2

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